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    At Crossover Cups Mission, we know each person has inherent worth because they were created in the image of God. We want to come alongside children in the Dominican to disciple them, provide for them, give them an education, serve them, and empower them to choose a vocation that they desire for their lives. We want to give them all the resources they need to build a life they dream of and prevent them from having to choose sexual exploitation from the lack of other choices.



    We have served as missionaries in the Dominican Republic since May 2007, when we were commissioned by Grace Church in Lakeland, Florida. We run a Children’s Home in Jimani, a small remote town on the border of Haiti. We take in girls and boys of all ages. Some kids come to us off the street, where they were hoping for a better life. Others are placed in our care by local officials. Some only stay with us for a short time whereas others have been with us for four years now. We want to offer a safe and loving environment whether it be for a day, a month, or a lifetime!

  • A.M.O. Brazil purpose is to establish Family Ministry Centers for the poor and spiritually needy in the favelas (slums) of Brazil, supplying the spiritual and physical needs necessary for abundant living with Christ. Our strategy is to build and develop Family Ministry Centers to reach families and their communities for Christ. To establish mission-minded churches outside of the favelas which train, equip and send out volunteers to minister in the Family Ministry Centers. To motivate and excite local churches, businesses, and organizations to become partners in the work both in the favela and at the A.M.O. Headquarters.

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