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ministries director

Grace Church of Lakeland, FL is seeking to hire a part-time Ministries Director that would provide pastoral and administrative leadership for children and students.

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ministries director

Grace Church of Lakeland, FL is seeking to hire a part-time Ministries Director that would provide pastoral and administrative leadership for children and students.


The Ministries Director will have responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • 1.    Assist the Pastor and Elders in supporting the vision of the church in all areas. 
  • 2.    Provide pastoral, administrative, and discipling leadership for children and youth.
  • 3.    Engage with parents to provide meaningful discipleship resources and support
  • 4.    Facilitate engaging and theologically sound children and student gatherings, services, events, and small groups.
  • 5.    Administrate the schedule & training of volunteers and ministry leaders
  • 6.    Plan and organize special events (VBS, Fall Harvest Party, etc) during the holidays and the summer.

Strengths & Skillsets:

  •          A committed believer in Jesus Christ that demonstrates spiritually maturity.
  •          Experience in leading children and/or youth ministries.
  •          Able to build a support team that leads by inspiring others to serve on the team.
  •          Ability to partner with parents in the spiritual growth of their own children/youth.
  •          Be a model for those who attend Grace Church by being an example of personal integrity, maturity, discipleship, compassion, and evangelism.

 Personal Responsibilities:

  •          Must be dependable, humble, and approachable.
  •          Must be friendly, welcoming, and compassionate.
  •          Must be a person who has a strong attention to details and administration.
  •          Must be able to work alongside with other ministries within the church.
  •          Must be able to receive direction and is a joy to supervise.
  •          Must have a servant attitude in all they do.



          E-mail a cover letter of your interest and resume to:

  •          Before hiring is finalized, the candidate must consent to a criminal background check.
  •          Salary will be determined based upon experience.

Grace Church of Lakeland


Grace Church is in Lakeland, Florida.  Lakeland is approximately 50 miles south of Orlando and approximately 35 miles north of Tampa.


Grace Church is an evangelical church of approximately 150 people.  Grace Church was established 31 years ago as a church plant of Converge (  While we remain “networked” to Converge, we consider ourselves to be a non-denominational congregation.


Grace Church has a diverse multi-cultural congregation with a variety of church experiences and backgrounds.  We have a healthy mix of age groups from young families through senior adults.


Grace Church Distinctives



We believe that the gospel—the good news of God’s free and gracious saving activity in Jesus Christ—is the pinnacle of His redemptive acts, the center of the Bible’s story, and the essential message for our faith, life, and witness. We teach that our salvation is totally by God’s sovereign, free and gracious initiative. We are committed to preaching the gospel, singing the gospel, praying the gospel, counseling out of the gospel, and building our churches upon the gospel.


God’s Sovereign Grace in Salvation

Scripture presents the all-glorious, triune God as the source and end of all things, sovereignly working all things according to His will. At the center of God’s purposes in the world is the exaltation of His glory through the redemption of sinners. God’s sovereign grace in salvation humbles us, fills us with gratitude, and compels us to worship Him and share the message of His grace to all people. Our core teaching of salvation is informed by a balanced approach to the historic reformational “doctrines of grace”.



We believe the Holy Spirit desires to continually fill each believer with increased power for Christian life and witness, including the giving of His supernatural gifts for the building up of the church and for various works of ministry in the world.  We believe that all the biblical gifts of the Holy Spirit continue to be distributed by the Spirit today; that these gifts are divine provisions central to spiritual growth and effective ministry; and that these gifts are to be eagerly desired, faithfully developed, and lovingly exercised according to biblical guidelines.  We teach and practice a healthy balance of “Word and Spirit” in our preaching, teaching, and worship.


Elder-Led Pastoral Leadership

Jesus Christ reigns as head over His church, and He gives to His church elders (or pastors) to shepherd and lead local churches under His authority.


Outreach & Mission

Our gospel-centrality entails not only treasuring the gospel personally but sharing it passionately. The risen Christ commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations. We believe that commission falls to us and to all believers and that it is fulfilled in a primary way through church planting, whereby the gospel is proclaimed, and converts are formed into communities of disciples.


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